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To celebrate Black History Month, Monarchs is having a special sale! This is the final week to order your copy with the special discount!  Sale expires 3/1/2024!

Use code BLACK24 at checkout for 20% OFF your Monarch products!

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Join Ja'Khari, Pepper, and Iris in this action-packed comic as they battle to become powerful fighters called Monarchs!


The Monarchs are the greatest fighters in the entire galaxy. Their popularity has motivated many to train with hopes of one day being able to claim the glowing crown atop the Monarch's heads! For many the thought of besting a Monarch and taking their crown is exhilarating! Some will make it and many others won't but that is the risk many will take to attain immense power.

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You can support Monarchs on Patreon for just $1 a month! You get access to exclusive content that will not be shared on any other social media platform as well as a first look into future chapters!


Order your copy today.


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